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I’ve been introducing pasta & bread back to my diet but using ONLY European flour. There’s so much talk of people going to Europe & eating bread & pastries and losing weight & feeling great…. Then they come home to the US & get sick all over again.


Fun fact: Bread was a sustainer of life in the ancient world… so much so that Jesus used many references to himself as being the bread of life, so for that reason, I cannot believe it’s bad for us. American bread is…. But there’s got to be a good bread out there!  I believe this is it! 


This bread is delicious, and so far, I haven’t noticed bad side effects!  No weight gain, no bloat, no tummy troubles.  


This is approximately 1 1/2 pounds of dough, good for making a crispy loaf, bread loaf or rolls.

Made from European flour and European yeast, which is far more healthy, non-gmo, no pesticides, milled the old fashioned way from wheat berries grown in ground that is allowed to rest properly to allow the nutrition we expect from wheat, made with the European restrictions on tampering with food.  No chemicals, no preservatives.  It's called "The Good Gluten"! 


This item is sold as a dough, not as a baked loaf.  


Take & Bake European bread dough

  • No shipping is available for this item.  It must be picked up.  Please select "Local Pickup" from the menu options at checkout.  Indicate your pickup date preference in the note section. 

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