Natalie Bryn - Wedding Cake Designer

With over 100 published wedding cakes, Natalie is one of the top wedding cake designers in Atlanta.  She is best known for her organic and clean design and her bubbly personality!  You can find her work in multiple publications such as Modern Luxury Weddings, Premier Weddings, Southern Celebrations Magazine, Southern Bride magazine, Bridal Musings, Hey Wedding Lady, The Perfect Palette and more!

I'm Natalie!  My friends call me Nat. 


I was always "artsy" growing up, but I kind of stumbled into cake decorating when I was a single mom of 2 toddlers and wanted to make awesome birthday cakes for them!  Fast forward 20 years and now I'm doing 150 weddings a year!  WOW! 

A few fun facts: 

I'm a proud Christian!  I'm a huge animal lover and advocate for responsible pet ownership and donate to spay/neuter programs.  I support Icing Smiles to create dream cakes for sick kiddos and I support Weddings for Warriors to provide weddings for active military couples.

Dancing to embarrass my kids is my favorite thing! 

Meme's are my love language and I spend way too much time searching for the perfect gif to reply to people with!  


And while I love to be goofy and have fun, make no mistake, I take everything about your wedding cake seriously!  It is my highest honor to be chosen to do your cake and it will always receive my utmost attention! 

I can't wait to get to know you soon!  Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest cake adventures!   


Cake Envy Georgia - Natalie Bryn