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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be answered on this page!  If you have a question that is not answered by this page, feel free to fill out my contact form and I'll be happy to help you any way I can!   ~  Natalie 


Do you offer cake tastings?


I offer cake tastings once we have confirmed that I’m available for your date and I’ve given a general price quote that you have agreed to.

Cake tastings are done on a “to-go” basis only and can be picked up or I offer the option of shipping to you.  There are 2 options for receiving your cake tasting.

  1. You can reserve the date by completing the contract and paying the retainer.  If you do that, your cake tasting is included in the pricing.

  2. You can order a paid tasting prior to booking me.  

What if we want to meet with you in person?

I’d love to meet with you!  I only offer in-person consultations for couples that are booked with me.  Rarely does anyone have a truly bespoke cake design in mind for their wedding cake.  98% of all people find pictures of cakes they love on Pinterest, and in that case, there’s likely no need to set aside time to drive up here to show me the image in person.  The covid pandemic taught me how truly seamless and convenient it was for couples to simply email the images!  However, if you truly want something custom and inspired by your wedding details, then we can set that up down the road after the details for everything else have been selected!  Bring your dress images, your color swatches, your invitations, your flower choices, etc.  Once all the other details are chosen, we can pull from everything to create something truly bespoke for your wedding cake! 


Can we get a small cake with a sheet cake?

I have options to purchase 1 and 2 tier cakes on my online web shop with the option of adding an additional kitchen cake on the side.  These cakes are for purchase online, in any of my flavor options and are for pickup only.  I do not deliver them.  This option does not include a cake tasting; however, you may place an order online for a paid tasting at the same time as you are placing your cake order.

Can we get a fake cake and a sheet cake?

Yes, you can!  But my first question is always, “Why are you getting a fake cake?”  There are plenty of good reasons to get one, but the #1 answer I get to that question is “because it’s cheaper”.  This is false.  Decorating Styrofoam takes equally as much time as decorating a real cake and, in some cases, Styrofoam is more difficult to work with.   Styrofoam is also terrible for the environment and is costly to produce and due to the large size, is also costly to ship to me.  You have essentially traded flour and sugar and eggs for Styrofoam, so the cost of the products needed to produce your cake is the same and the frosting/fondant is the same, the decorating time is the same, the delivery is the same.  Everything is the same.  There is NO savings to making a cake out of Styrofoam vs. real ingredients.  There are plenty of GOOD reasons to have a Styrofoam cake, however!  Cost savings just isn’t one of them.  I will present you with the option of a Styrofoam cake if the details of your day would be better served by a faux cake!


Do you include a cake stand with the cake?

I do have cake stands that are weight tested and suitable for wedding cakes, however, they are not included in the cake pricing.  You’re welcome to go to my web shop online and look at the rental options I have!  Once rented, I will bring the stand with me when I deliver the wedding cake!   I do require that you return the stand to me, but I leave a box for you and you are welcome to take the stand to a UPS or FedEx store and have it shipped back to me.

Decorating your cake with fresh flowers:

My first love is flowers, so this is ALWAYS a great idea!  It is up to you to make sure you let your florist know that you will be needing cake flowers.  You won’t believe how often this is forgotten!  Nothing like showing up with a cake and there are no flowers available for it!  For several reasons, I prefer to be the one to place the flowers on the cake.  It’s my art, and to the best of my ability, I’d prefer to be the one to finish it off.  I also carry the food license, insurance and the ServSafe certification, so if something is put on the cake that is an irritant, or worse… is toxic, I will be sued for causing food borne illness.


Do you offer grooms cakes?

I offer grooms cakes ONLY in addition to a wedding cake and subject to availability for the specific cake design.  If needed for the rehearsal dinner, there will be a separate delivery fee, or it can be picked up.

Do you offer any other dessert options?

I do not. I have chosen to focus solely on creating amazing cakes!  If there's something specific you'd like, I'm happy to try to refer you to someone who can make what you're looking for! 

Do you offer birthday cakes?

I do not generally offer custom cakes that are for anything other than weddings, however, I do have a selection of simple cakes on my online web shop that are a “blank slate” which are available to everyone and are ready for your own customization with fresh flowers, cake toppers or décor you can purchase off Amazon or Etsy!

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Do you offer classes?

I have a few classes on my site, but they are not professionally produced, however, they are informative and fun!  In person classes are fun, but logistically are so difficult to pull off in the middle of also running a busy cake business.  I post everything on Instagram, however, and I do have plans to make some really professional online classes.  When they’re available, you’ll know! 

Do you offer gluten free (nut free, dairy free, sugar free, etc)

No.  I have a cottage license, which allows me to bake from home but am not eligible to be certified as allergen free. 


GLUTEN:  I can be gluten friendly.  I have high quality gluten free mixes that are delicious, and I do take steps to avoid cross contamination, but cannot guarantee it.  There's likely molecules of allergens in the ductwork and it's really going to depend on how sensitive you are to gluten as to whether I would be a safe choice for you. I can say, to this point, I've never had an allergen issue. In the case of gluten free, I do offer small cakes, such as a top tier, but I do not offer full wedding cakes as gluten free.  This allows you to save money by offering standard cake to the majority and serve the g-free cake to only those who require it.  Not all flavors are available as g-free. 

NUTS: I do not bake with any type of tree nut, but similar to gluten, I cannot guarantee it.  Again, I've never had an allergen issue, but depending on your level of allergy, you may want to consider a certified allergen free baker where nuts never enter the building. Most of my ingredients have a warning on them that says "this product is made in a facility that may contain nuts." and my family has been known to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from time to time. 

DAIRY: I do use egg whites and butter in my buttercream and egg whites in my cakes.  I  do not have an alternative for that.

VEGAN:  Unfortunately, no.  I'm sorry. Eggs are in almost everything I make.

SUGAR:  I wouldn't even know how to bake without it.  I'm sorry. 

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