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Neopolitan... but make it in Cake!  Nostalgia and Luxury in one?  YES PLEASE! 


This is a sophisticated version of the ice cream we all loved as kids!  Who doesn't remember cutting off a slice of neopolitan ice cream in the box and getting all 3 flavors? Good times!


Each cube is a half pound of cake for a total of 1 1/2 pounds!  Will serve 6-8 people!


Includes 1 of each: 

1 - Strawberries & Champagne:  Pink strawberry champagne cake with a wild strawberry meringue buttercream

1 -  The Classic:  The perfect traditional white wedding cake filled with a vanilla bean meringue buttercream

1 - Chocolate Dulce De Leche:  Chocolate Fudge Cake layered with a creamy, classic milky caramel


This item is available for shipping but should be refrigerated upon receipt.  


Orders must be received by Monday, March 25th. 

Pickup from Thursday, March 28th - Saturday, March 30th

Cake Cube Gift Pack

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