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Wedding Services

When you're ready to book your wedding, you can download the contract here. 

*If you haven't done your tasting yet, I only need page 1 & 3 completed at this time. Page 2 can wait until you do your tasting!

*There may be some information that is undecided at this time, Just provide the info you know currently.  We can update information as it comes. 

Please return the contract to me at:


Along with the contract, You can pay the retainer to book the date here:
PLEASE:  Do not pay the retainer before you return the contract or I have nothing to credit your payment to!

Retainer is NON-Refundable.  Payment of this fee denotes acceptance of contract terms.  
See page 3 of the contract above to read terms.

After you've completed the contract and booked the date, it's time for the best part!! 

The cake tasting!!! 

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