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Beautiful and delicious 2 tiered cake for any occasion!  Perfect for birthday's, small weddings, baby showers and basically any event you can think of!  Buy your perfect flowers, toppers, decorations and embellishments on Amazon or Etsy and customize this cake to your heart's content!   You will want a 12" cake stand if you choose to display this cake.


Standard height tiers are 4 layers of cake per tier, making the total height of this cake appx 10".


Extra tall tiers are 6 layers of cake per tier, making the total height of this cake appx 16". 


It comes in 4 size options:  

1. Small to serve appx 35 - standard height  $165

2. Small to serve appx 35 - Extra tall  $210

3. Large to serve appx 50 - standard height  $250

4. Large to serve appx 50 - Extra tall  $300


Extra tall tiers will serve the same amount of people, however will have taller slices of cake. 


You can choose any of the flavors available on my 'Flavors' page and it is available in any of the buttercream textures on my 'Signature Cakes' page.   


Add an optional Kitchen Cake to serve an additional 100 for $400



I do not write on cakes.  Feel free to request a complimentary "Happy Birthday" cake topper!



2 tier All Occasion Cake

  • This item is not available for delivery.  Please make sure you have someone available and willing to pickup the cake on the wedding day or the day before.  It will need refrigeration until the time it is setup at its final location.  ALWAYS travel with refrigerated cake. 

    No shipping is available for this item.  Please choose "local pickup" at checkout. 

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