Cake Envy Special Offers

I love to donate my services to those in need who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a special event cake!  I want to help you celebrate every day hero’s!
Below are a few of those in need that Cake Envy has been able to help.

Ladies who just beat breast cancer, but cancer treatment has left you in a struggle to afford your wedding cake?


Military couple who need a little bit of help with your wedding?


A terminally ill child who needs a little bit of joy?


Charity events, fundraisers, silent auctions!

I can’t say, “Yes” to everything, but I can say “Yes” to some things!  I want to help!  I love to help!  I invite you to send me your story.  If scheduling allows, I’m beyond thrilled to help you celebrate your hero!
Wedding Special
Did you know that every couple who gets their wedding cake from Cake Envy receives their cake topper for free?  It’s your choice.  You can have it *On the cake, *On the side in a box delivered to your wedding, or *In a year – baked fresh & decorated for you to pickup for your anniversary! (most popular choice)